Tree Decoration Set Red & Gold ( 51pc )

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Well designed christmas decorating set to dress up your tree like a professional. Each set combines bauble from 10cm to 5cm, Poinsettia Flowers, Spread Leaf, Bow and some other decorations. No more worried about the colors and matching, simply choose your favorite color hue.
For light coverage when combined with your existing ornaments, consider 
  • 1 box for a 5ft tree, 
  • 2 box for a 6ft tree, and 
  • 3 box for a 7ft tree tree
  • increase by 1 box for fuller coverage
One box contains:

10cm Bauble x 4; 8cm Bauble x 4; 7cm Bauble x 4; 6cm Bauble x 5; 5cm Bauble x 10; Pinecorn x 4; Merry Christmas Tag x 4; Gift Box x 4; Spread Birch x 3; Spread Leaf x 3; Bow x 6; Poinsettia Flower x 3